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i'm Janet ; 18 ; proudly canadian

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So I had the best idea for a date. A SWEATER SHOPPING DATE.

First you get coffee. Then you go to thrift shops and buy sweaters. Then you bring the sweaters home and wash them. While they are in the washer/dryer, you make out and stuff. Then, you take the sweaters out of the dryer and you put them on and you get all cozy and eat snacks and watch movies in your cozy clean sweaters! And you kiss a lot. The end.

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Danny O’Connor

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also known as DOC ART is an artist from Liverpool UK and he studied Graphic Arts at Liverpool John Moores Art School. His work is a celebration of contrasts focusing mainly on portraits and figures with a prevalence of opposing artistic influences. His inspiration walks a tightrope between high and lowbrow sources as diverse as Comics, Illustration, Character Design, Tattoo art and Graffiti to Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Art Noveau, Modernism and Constructivism all pulled together to create hyper stylised and abstracted works. Contrasts play a big role in what he does, it’s probably the most resounding feature throughout all of his work in one way or another. He likes to mix natural flowing lines with harsh diagonals.